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May 17, 7:00 P.M. Dinner: Chef Masako Morishita’s Itameshi Dinner

May 17, 2024 07:00 PM

An Exploration of the Intersection of Japanese and Italian Cuisine with 2024 James Beard Emerging Chef Award Nominee

25 11th Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA

A 2024 James Beard Emerging Chef Award nominee, Masako Morishita is taking Washington, D.C. by storm. Often bridging cultural and geographical borders in her kitchen, she blends the flavors and traditions of her native Kobe, Japan, with faraway lands. At the Washington, D.C. restaurant Perry’s, named for an American Naval officer who opened relations between his country and Japan, Morishita’s menu delights guests with unexpected combinations which celebrate an open exchange of culinary traditions between countries.  
Continuing that cultural exchange, chef Morishita has designed an Itameshi-inspired meal, a cultural mashup seen in Japan blending Italian and Japanese ingredients, flavors and techniques. Her carefully crafted menu of Japanese comfort food is ignited with strong influences from the Mediterranean peninsula—dashi meets butter, edamame meets parmesan, and tamari meets ricotta. Please join this rising star, named Eater’s D.C. 2023 Chef of the Year, for an unforgettable evening honoring the complementary collaboration of two distinct cultures and featuring sake pairings from Sake Discoveries.  

Dining Table $170 | Internal Chefs Counter $185 | External Chefs Counter $150

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Hors d’Oeuvre
Uni–Fontina Grilled Cheese
Contains alliums, dairy, gluten, and shellfish

Teriyaki Tempeh Skewers
Vegan; contains alliums

Garlic–Edamame Dumplings
Vegetarian; contains allium, dairy, and gluten

Nanbu Bijin AWA Sparkling Sake with Raspberry 

Tamari-Roasted Peaches and Ricotta > Umeboshi-Whipped Ricotta with Miso–Togarashi Peanuts and Pickled Cherry Tomatoes
Vegetarian; contains alliums, dairy, and nuts

Amabuki Sakura Fubuki Junmai Rose Sasanigori  

Braised Daikon and Brie-Pecorino Brinata> Double-Braised Daikon with Melted Brie Pecorino Brinata and Togarashi
Contains alliums and dairy

Tengumai 50 Junmai Daiginjo  

Shio Koji–Aged Wagyu Beef Steak with Miso Romesco Sauce
Contains alliums, dairy, gluten, and nuts

Hakkaisan Kijoshu   

Donabe-Cooked Unagi Risotto with Brodo de Prosciutto and Dashi
Contains alliums and dairy

Niwa no Uguisu 60 Junmai Ginjo with Sansho Pepper Salt 

Monaka with Whipped Red Bean
Contains dairy and gluten

Matcha–Oreo Cheesecake
Contains dairy and gluten 

Iichiko Special Barley Shochu

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About Masako Morishita: 
Masako Morishita is an award-winning chef cooking Japanese comfort food inspired by the flavors and lesser-known culinary traditions of her hometown of Kobe, where her family owns Morshita Liquor Store, a renowned restaurant and bar in operation for almost a century. Previously an NFL cheer captain, Morishita’s professional culinary career was born through her desire to share the everyday flavors of Japanese culture with a wider audience. She opened her first concept, the pop-up OTABE,  in 2019, where her unique style of cooking Japanese comfort food using occasionally unconventional methods and ingredients soon caught the attention of others in the D.C. restaurant industry. OTABE lead her to her subsequent position as executive chef of Maxwell Park until October of 2022 when she was tapped to lead the kitchen of Perry’s. Morishita’s retooling of the nearly 40-year-old Japanese restaurant’s menu has been widely acclaimed as one of the most exciting recent developments in the Washington, D.C. dining scene, referenced as “a business as vital as it’s ever been” in a glowing review by Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema. In recognition of her work, Masako has been named a 2024 James Beard Emerging Chef Award semifinalist, was named Eater DC’s 2023 Chef of the Year, received a 2023 RAMMY nomination for Rising Culinary Star, was selected to join the U.S. State Department’s American Culinary Corp, and in 2022 was named a StarChef Rising Star. 


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